Gaukhar Amandossova

Amelia Banks

Matthew Barnes

Leith Bayazid

Anna Bianchi

Justin Bishop

David Browne

Steven Carter

Antonio Castanon

McGinty Chilcutt

Winston Crute

Presley Dickson

Abigail Dy

Yokeca Goff

Paterson Graham

Xuanjianai Han

Aaron Hayter

Nathan Haywood

Nicholas Herrera

Katherine Hudgens

Ashley Hudson

Alex Hunsucker

Rachel Ann Lamere

Kate LeCroy

Kanika Manne

Lauren Metzger

Rachel Morgan

Nona Nichols

Benjamin Perrin

Taylor Phillips

Josh Rabbit

Julian Richardson

Patrick Rowan

Alexandra Sack

Megan Sandlin

Amy Sessions

Brittany Soto

Stephanie Stanley

Blake Tennant

John-Paul Tortorich

Swaroop Vitta

Janelle West

Diana Wilmoth

Shin Xu

Zaki Yazdi

Brian Zhao

Matt Zieman





BSC's Interim term allows students the opportunity to participate in pre-health internships.  Former AED member Brian Davis, above, assisted a patient who was being air-lifted to Princeton Baptist Medical Center. (Photo taken by Dr. Phan)



Aside from studying for classes and participating in various campus organizations, students may also take the opportunity to spend a semester or summer conducting research in a lab.  Above, AED members Ben Roberts and Ashlee Vinyard work under the fume hood in Dr. Schedler's chemistry research lab.  To the left, research students Natalie Ausborn and Patricia George review a research article for an upcoming Journal Club meeting.

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